Lost Shadow Reviews

Lost Shadow – book 2 in the Song Dog series –  out September 21, 2021!

In the sequel to Street Shadows, city coyote Pica is carried far away, into the land of wolves. Will she survive and make it back to Scruff?

Winter is here, and coyotes Pica and Scruff are having trouble finding enough food to survive. Their only option may be to steal food from humans, which Scruff thinks is a necessary risk, while Pica thinks it’s too dangerous. After they get into a bitter fight, the unthinkable happens: Pica gets locked into a delivery truck and driven far away from the city, into the land of the wolves.

When Pica disappears and doesn’t return for weeks, Scruff is devastated. He doesn’t know if the fight drove her away or if something happened to her. Not knowing what else to do, he eventually moves on and meets a new pack. However, these new friends rely heavily on human food, and he knows that by joining them he’s playing a dangerous game.

Pica, alone in the wilderness, must call on all of her strength and courage to survive in this new landscape. She has to get back to Scruff before it’s too late. The clock is ticking, and leg traps, wolves, and a giant icy mountain range stand between Pica and her home.


Reviews for Lost Shadow

Lost Shadows is a highly entertaining, imaginative, and well-researched exploration into the lives of coyotes, wolves, and the importance of wilderness. Although it serves as a sequel to Claire Gilchrist’s enthralling Street Shadows, it works as a stand-alone novel too. Give this innovative story to fans of the Redwall and Warriors book series who are looking for a more realistic animal adventure. Once you experience the world through Scruff and Pica’s perspectives, you’ll never see coyotes, or humans, the same. Lost Shadows is an exciting and transformational coyote adventure written with wit, wisdom, and heart.  – Todd Mitchell, author of The Last Panther

Claire Gilchrist’s book, Lost Shadow, is absorbing, fun, and easy to read: it’s an enticing adventure story with multiple cliffhangers that pull you along right to the end of the book! On a deeper level, it’s the story of friendship and interactions amid unforeseen circumstances that are the warp and weave of life, with little snippets and gems of phrasing that every child will want to reflect on and, ultimately, incorporate into themselves. This all is woven into a story about coyotes which is chalk full of accurate details about coyote behaviour, mannerisms, and human culture and issues towards them. The book is a wonderful gateway for opening awareness about these critters. Several fascinating facts are delineated at the back of the book. Beautifully written and well researched. – Janet Kessler, coyote expert and creator of Coyote Yipps

Drawing on science and experience, Claire Gilchrist vividly imagines the adventures and inner lives of two young coyotes, allowing us to follow in their tracks as they grow, play, and fight to survive in an often-hostile world. You won’t forget Pica and Scruff. –Michelle Nijhuis, author of Beloved Beasts: Fighting for Life in an Age of Extinction

Just terrific. A howling good tale! Soon after Pica and Scruff claim a place in the Wild Lands, their friendship is torn apart. While Scruff tangles with some menacing humans, Pica is snatched from her home. So begins an odyssey of misadventure and a trial of patience and enduring love. In Lost Shadow, Claire Gilchrist continues her unique saga about urban coyotes, their perilous struggle to survive, and their battles and special bonds. Moreover, the novel reveals an inner world living by stealth and daring in your own backyard. Beyond the revelations about urban wildlife, readers — young and old — will confront their own place within the animal kingdom. Open your eyes and ears to Lost Shadow. The cries you hear could well be your own.- D. F. Bailey, author of Run Time


Lost Shadow is published by Dundurn Press.  You can pre-order your copy of Lost Shadow through local stores on Indiebound, or can purchase it on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Indigo Chapters.